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Тест по английскому языку: Strong ties (Ваулина, 10 класс)

Тест по английскому языку: Strong ties (Ваулина, 10 класс)
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Which of the following phrases do you use when expressing dislikes?

What is the character quality of the person who is unkind to another person?

My family ... our home for Christmas all day and now the work is done and I can have a cup of tea and rest near the fireplace.

I ... for New York tomorrow and will be back in two weeks.

I ... cleaning my room. Can I go for a walk now?

I usually ... to the cinema on Friday evenings, but this Friday evening I am going to spend having fun at my best friend's birthday party.

Which of the following endings do we use to form adjectives from verbs?

To fook ... — to take care of someone or something.